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The site will be updated as soon as possible after my discharge<BR> Tim Beal </FONT> --> <CENTER> <P> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR=RED> Articles repository </FONT> <P> <TABLE BORDER CELLSPACING=1 CELLPADDING=7 WIDTH=1100> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"> <CENTER> <A HREF="NK_SK.htm "><B>ROK & Inter-Korean</B></A> </TD> <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"><CENTER> <A HREF="NK_US_18.htm"><B>USA</B></A> </TD> <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"> <CENTER> <A HREF="NK_NZ.htm"><B>NZ</B></A> </TD> <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"><CENTER> <A HREF="NK_china18.htm"><B>China </B></A> </TD> </TR> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"><CENTER> <A HREF="NK_euro.htm"><B>Europe, Australia, Canada</B></A></TD> <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"> <CENTER> <A HREF="NK_japan.htm"><B>Japan</B></A> </TD> <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"><CENTER> <A HREF="NK_russia.htm"><B>Russia</B></A> </TD> <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"><CENTER> <A HREF="NK_gen.htm"><B>General foreign relations & UN </B></A> </TD> </TR> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"><CENTER> 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<A HREF="NK_nuke.htm"> <B>Satellite and Nuclear issues</B></A> </TD> <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"><CENTER> <A HREF="US_world.htm "> <B>World issues</B> </A> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <P> <HR WIDTH=30%> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR=RED> Some recent books and chapters </FONT> <FONT SIZE=3> <TABLE BORDER CELLSPACING=1 CELLPADDING=7 WIDTH=1100> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"> <CENTER> <img src= Complexities_cover.jpg width="100" height="130" border="2" alt="front cover" /> </a> </TD> <TD WIDTH="75%" VALIGN="CENTER"><LEFT> <A HREF= http://www.palgrave.com/la/book/9781137522276 <B><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR = BROWN><B> China, New Zealand, and the Complexities of Globalization </A><BR> </FONT> <Font Size=4> Asymmetry, Complementarity, and Competition </FONT> </B><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> With KANG Yuanfei <BR> Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2016 <BR> <UL> <LI><A HREF= Beal_ChinaNZ_2.pdf> 2: The Historical Legacy Themes and Issues </A> <LI><A HREF= Beal_ChinaNZ_3.pdf> 3: Trade with the People s Republic of China The Early Years </A> <LI><A HREF= Beal_ChinaNZ_4.pdf> 4: The Flowering of the Relationship </A> <LI><A HREF=Beal_ChinaNZ_7.pdf> 7: New Zealand and the Complexities of Globalization </A> <LI><A HREF=Beal_ChinaNZ_SA.pdf> Statistical Appendix </A> </UL> </TD> </TR> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"> <CENTER> <img src=NEA_Satellites_cover.jpg width="100" height="130" border="2" alt="front cover" /> </a> </TD> <TD WIDTH="75%" VALIGN="CENTER"><LEFT> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR=BROWN><B> Satellites, Missiles and the Geopolitics of East Asia </B> </FONT> <BR> In <A HREF= https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=59592> <B><FONT SIZE=3 COLOR = RED> North Korea: Political, Economic and Social Issues, edited by Marvin Harrison</FONT> </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> <BR> Nova Publishers, New York, 2016 </TD> </TR> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"> <CENTER> <img src=CiK_front.jpg width="100" height="130" border="2" alt="front cover" /> </a> </TD> <TD WIDTH="75%" VALIGN="CENTER"><LEFT> <A HREF= https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745331621/crisis-in-korea/><B><FONT SIZE=5 COLOR = BROWN> Crisis in Korea: America, China, and the Risk of War </FONT> </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> <BR> Pluto Press, London, 2011 <BR> <A HREF= http://www.timbeal.net.nz/Crisis_in_Korea/>More details</A> </TD> </TR> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN="TOP"> <CENTER> <img src=NKSAAP_cover.jpg width="100" height="130" border="2" alt="front cover" /> </a> </TD> <TD WIDTH="75%" VALIGN="CENTER"><LEFT> <B><FONT SIZE =5 COLOR =BROWN> <A HREF= https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745320137/north-korea/ > North Korea: The Struggle against American Power </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Pluto Press, London, 2005 </TD> </TR> <P> <LI> </FONT> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <HR WIDTH=30%> <FONT SIZE=5> <A HREF= http://www.timbeal.net.nz/Marty_Sage/><B> Marty & the Sage ~ a serious entertainment </FONT> </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> A very engaging, witty, and sharp approach to political analysis by Tim Beal. Not to be missed! <BR> Gregory Elich </FONT> <P> <FONT SIZE=5> <A HREF= http://www.timbeal.net.nz/verse/ ><B> Assorted Verse in Various Weights </B></A><BR> </FONT> <HR WIDTH=30%> <P> <FONT SIZE=5 COLOR=RED> Some recent articles and interviews </FONT> <P> </CENTER> <UL> <LI><A HREF= https://www.spreaker.com/user/radiosputnik/as-u-s-dprk-talks-stall-need-for-peace-i><B> As U.S.-DPRK talks stall, need for peace in Korea more urgent than ever </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Loud & Clear (Washington) interview by Brian Becker and John Kiriakou; 8 August</FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.spreaker.com/user/radiosputnik/washington-post-joins-campaign-to-sabota><B> Washington Post joins campaign to sabotage Korea peace talks </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Loud & Clear (Washington) interview by Brian Becker and John Kiriakou; 31 July </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.spreaker.com/user/radiosputnik/secretary-of-state-pompeo-heads-to-north?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=user%3A8544886&utm_term=episode_title><B> Secretary of State Pompeo heads to North Korea </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Loud & Clear (Washington) interview by Brian Becker and John Kiriakou; 5 July </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://kpfa.org/player/?audio=288257><B> Trump Meets Kim Jong Un </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> KPFA Berkeley California Hosted by Dennis Bernstein, with KJ Noh, Christina Ahn </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/on-the-eve-of-the-kim-trump-summit-facts-fantasies-and-prospects/><B> On the Eve of the Kim-Trump Summit  Facts, Fantasies and Prospects </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Zoom in Korea Jun 11, 2018 </FONT> <LI><A HREF=http://www.zoominkorea.org/election-defection-of-12-n-korean-restaurant-workers-challenge-and-an-opportunity-for-moon/><B>  Election Defection of 12 N Korean Restaurant Workers: Challenge and an opportunity for Moon </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Zoom in Korea 6 June 2018 </FONT> <LI><A HREF=https://youtu.be/DgYW2gMdpoI ><B> Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov visits Pyongyang in the build-up to the Kim-Trump summit </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Interview with Rory Suchet, RT International, Moscow, 30 May 2018 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.spreaker.com/user/radiosputnik/ready-to-make-history-north-and-south-ko_1><B> Ready to Make History: North and South Korea Put Summit Back on Track </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Loud & Clear (Washington) interview by Brian Becker and John Kiriakou with fellow guest Christine Ahn <BR> 29 May</FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://youtu.be/tc6M9VupSn4 ><B> North Korea protests at aggressive military exercises on eve of scheduled summit </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Interview with Kevin Owen, RT International, Moscow, 15 May 2018 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.spreaker.com/user/radiosputnik/north-and-south-korea-historic-meeting-t_1><B> North and South Korea Historic Meeting: The Politics Behind the Summit </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Loud & Clear (Washington) interview by Brian Becker and John Kiriakou with fellow guest Gregory Elich <BR> 28 April </FONT> <LI><A HREF= NYT_key.pdf><B> The NYT gives me the key to unlocking the JFK assassination </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Unpublished satire </FONT> <LI><A HREF=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbuHrGKvzbE&feature=youtu.be><B> Trump's tariffs on China intensify fears of global trade war </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Interview with Sean Thomas, RT International, Moscow, 23 March </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.globalresearch.ca/koreas-complicated-response-to-imperialism-resistance-collaboration-and-moon-jae-in/5631093><B> Korea s Complicated Response to Imperialism: Resistance, Collaboration and Moon Jae-in </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Global Research 6 March 2018 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.spreaker.com/user/radiosputnik/war-or-peace-trump-accepts-dprk-s-invita_1><B> War or Peace? Trump Accepts DPRK s Invitation to Meet& Maybe????? </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Loud & Clear (Washington) interviews by Brian Becker and John Kiriakou 9 March 2018 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= Beal_JPC21_Compellence.pdf><B>Hegemony and Resistance, Compellence and Deterrence </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Deconstructing the North Korean  Threat and Identifying America s Strategic Alternatives <BR> Journal of Political Criticism, Seoul, December 2017 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://kpolicy.org/the-clown-and-the-rock/><B> The Clown and the Rock </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Trump s incompetence and posturing threaten US credibility, with potentially dire consequences. <BR> Korea Policy Institute, December 21, 2017 </FONT> <UL> Re-postings <LI><A HREF= http://www.21cir.com/2017-12/the-clown-and-the-rock-trumps-incompetence-and-posturing-threaten-us-credibility.html><B> 21st Century, Beijing </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://svenskkoreanska.se/dw/doku.php?id=nyheter:aktuella_kommentarer_om_koreafr%C3%A5gan><B> Svensk-koreanska freningen, Sweden </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://svenskkoreanska.se/dw/doku.php?id=text:theclownandtherock><B> Clownen och klippan </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Trumps inkompetens och poserande hotar USA:s trovrdighet, med potentiellt frskrckliga konsekvenser. Av Tim Beal | 21 december 2017 [Swedish translation on website of Svensk-koreanska freningen (Swedn-Korea Association)] </FONT> </UL> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/abe-pulls-it-off-but-it-will-end-in-tears/><B> Abe Pulls It Off, But It Will End In Tears </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Zoom in Korea, 24 October 2017 </FONT> <UL> Re-postings <LI><A HREF= http://www.21cir.com/2017-10/abe-pulls-it-off-but-it-will-end-in-tears.html><B> 21st Century, Beijing </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://kpolicy.org/abe-pulls-it-off-but-it-will-end-in-tears/><B> Korea Policy Institute, Los Angeles </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> </FONT> </UL> </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://apjjf.org/2017/16/Beal.html><B> A Korean Tragedy </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> The Asia Pacific Journal  Japan Focus August 15, 2017 </FONT> <UL> Reposting on Zoom in Korea <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/a-korean-tragedy-part-1/><B> A Korean Tragedy, Part 1 </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Sep 8, 2017 This article was originally published in The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus. This article has been reprinted with the permission of the author and The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus. </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/a-korean-tragedy-part-2/><B> A Korean Tragedy, Part 2 </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/a-korean-tragedy-part-3/><B> A Korean Tragedy, Part 3 </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> </FONT> Reposting on Korea Policy Institute <BR> <LI><A HREF= http://kpolicy.org/a-korean-tragedy/><B> A Korean Tragedy </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> September 6, 2017 By Tim Beal | September 5, 2017 updated Originally published in the Asia Pacific Journal </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://kpolicy.org/a-korean-tragedy-update/><B> A Korean Tragedy: Update </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> September 12, 2017 </FONT> </UL> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/north-koreas-deterrent-and-trumps-options/><B> North Korea s Deterrent and Trump s Options </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Zoom in Korea Jul 26, 2017 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/04/03/pig-peril-the-real-threat-to-america/><B> Pig Peril: the Real Threat to America! </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Counterpunch April 3, 2017 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/trump-tpp-and-the-implications-of-the-squandering-of-americas-soft-power-advantage/><B> Trump, TPP and the Implications of the Squandering of America s Soft Power Advantage </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Zoom in Korea Mar 17, 2017 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= Beal_JPC_THAAD.pdf><B> The Deployment of THAAD in Korea and the Struggle over US Global Hegemony </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Journal of Political Criticism, Seoul <BR> December 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.nknews.org/2016/12/its-time-to-stop-trying-to-predict-north-koreas-collapse/><B> It s time to stop trying to predict North Korea s collapse </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Choi Sun-sil's collapse theory was rooted in Shamanism, many analyst's predictions are just as shaky <BR> NK News December 7th, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/north-south-competition-for-legitimacy-33-diplomatic-recognition/><B> North-South Competition for Legitimacy (3/3)  Diplomatic Recognition </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Zoom in Korea Nov 16, 2016 <BR> Diplomatic recognition is an acknowledgement of the legitimacy of a foreign government, and legitimacy is a key concept in political theory stretching back at least as far as Mencius in about the 4th century BCE. </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://apjjf.org/2016/22/Beal.html><B> The Korean Peninsula within the Framework of US Global Hegemony </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> The Asia Pacific Journal Japan Focus November 13, 2016 <BR> On 8 July 2016 it was announced in Seoul that the US would, as had long been anticipated, deploy an initial unit of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea. </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/north-south-competition-for-legitimacy-23-race-to-the-stars/><B> North-South Competition for Legitimacy (2/3)  Race to the Stars </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> The two Koreas are rather special in that they also compete in space exploration, or more specifically, the launching of satellites <BR> Zoom in Korea, Nov 2, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/north-south-competition-for-legitimacy-and-its-implications-part-1/><B> North-South Competition for Legitimacy and its Implications, Part 1 </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> The two Koreas, like other divided countries, have long competed in a variety of ways, but now the nature of the competition is shifting in a disturbing direction. <BR> Zoom in Korea, Oct 24, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.nknews.org/2016/09/fallout-s-korea-as-collateral-damage-in-u-s-struggle-with-china/><B> Fallout: S. Korea as collateral damage in U.S. struggle with China </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> THAAD and the South China Sea ruling shift Chinese attitudes, raising concerns in the South <BR> NK News September 14th, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/shenanigans-in-the-south-china-sea-implications-for-korea/><B> Shenanigans in the South China Sea  Implications for Korea </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Zoom in Korea, Aug 16, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/the-dangerous-year-2017-part-2/><B> The Dangerous Year, 2017  Part 2 </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Zoom in Korea Jul 28, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.zoominkorea.org/the-dangerous-year-2017-part-1/><B> The Dangerous Year, 2017  Part 1 </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> A look ahead at US Korea policy after the election <BR> Zoom in Korea 20 July, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.nknews.org/2016/05/wendy-sherman-hints-at-hillary-clintons-korea-policy/><B> Wendy Sherman hints at Hillary Clinton s Korea policy </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Sherman may be the next secretary of state and her speech suggests 2017 may be a dangerous year <BR> NK News May 19th, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://kpolicy.org/looking-in-the-right-direction-establishing-a-framework-for-analysing-the-situation-on-the-korean-peninsula-and-much-more-besides-2/><B> Looking in the right direction: Establishing a framework for analysing the situation on the Korean Peninsula (and much more besides) </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Korean Policy Institute <BR> April 23, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.nknews.org/2016/02/north-korean-satellites-and-rocket-science/><B> North Korean satellites and rocket science </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Deconstructing the hysteria over the satellite launch that now appears imminent <BR> NK News February 3rd, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2016/01/the-north-korean-threat-the-myth-and-its-makers/><B> The North Korean threat  the myth and its makers </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Stories of Pyongyang s relative military capability are much exaggerated  for a variety of reasons <BR> NK News January 21st, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= https://www.nknews.org/2016/01/the-myth-of-the-north-korean-threat/><B> The myth of the North Korean threat </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> A military balance between North and South  despite the uncertainties the evidence is overwhelming <BR> NK News January 13th, 2016 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2015/08/from-pilgrimage-to-profit-n-koreas-search-for-tourism-revenue/><B> From pilgrimage to profit: N. Korea s search for tourism revenue </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Opening of new terminal at Sunan airport a new step in tourism infrastructure  but will tourists come? <BR> NK News August 26th, 2015 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= Trifecta.pdf><B> Will North Korea make Obama s trifecta? Don t bet on it </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Obama s moves to improve relations with Cuba, Iran lead to speculation that North Korea may be next <BR> NK News 9 June, 2015 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2015/04/north-korea-and-singapore-two-families-two-nations/><B> North Korea and Singapore: Two families, two nations </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> The Kims, the Lees and the curious parallels between a leader eulogized and a nation demonized <BR> NK News, April 6th, 2015 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2015/03/the-interview-as-anti-north-korean-propaganda/><B>  The Interview as anti-North Korean propaganda </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> As subversive propaganda, attention-grabbing Sony-produced movie flops <BR> NK News March 9th, 2015 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2015/01/the-sony-hack-a-brave-new-world-of-cyber-confusion/><B> The Sony hack: A brave new world of cyber confusion </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> The U.S. government narrative blaming North Korea faces an unprecedented level of scrutiny from experts <BR> NK News January 16th, 2015 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2014/11/what-was-panetta-thinking/><B> What was Panetta thinking? </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Former U.S. defense secretary's revelations about going nuclear raise disquieting questions <BR> NK News, November 20th, 2014 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= Beal_German_fantasy2b.pdf><B> Jackpot Unification and dangers of fantasies of collapse and the  German Solution </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Korean Quarterly, Summer, 2014 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2014/09/engagement-and-its-geopolitical-context/><B> Engagement and its geopolitical context </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Consider assymetrical power relationship when broaching U.S., N. Korean dialogue <BR> NK News 10 September 2014 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2014/09/engaging-with-engagement-preferring-to-talk-only-to-god/><B> Engaging with engagement: Preferring to talk only to God </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> It s not just North Korea; U.S. has long history of not talking things out with opponents <BR> NK News 8 September 2014 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2014/07/the-great-illusion-south-korean-version/><B> The Great Illusion  South Korean version </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Park Geun-hye talks of  peaceful unification but her actions belie a peaceful process <BR> NK News 30 July 2014 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2014/06/the-transformation-of-the-nuclear-weapons-calculus/><B> The transformation of the nuclear weapons calculus </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Why North Korea s Byungjin policy makes good sense, but has a sting in the tail <BR> NK News 19 June 2014 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2014/05/why-wont-the-u-s-negotiate-with-north-korea/><B> Why won t the U.S. negotiate with North Korea? </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Would another nuclear test make Obama's strategy more proactive? <BR> NK News 25 May 2014 </FONT> <LI><A HREF= http://www.nknews.org/2014/04/the-contradictions-of-dresden/><B> The contradictions of Dresden </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Park s position on joint military drills, denuclearization doom her proposal <BR> NK News 25 April 2014 </FONT> </UL> <!-- <A HREF="http://www.coreadelnorte.host.sk/pyongreport.php?numero=5-1"><B>versi&oacute;n en espa&ntilde;ol</B> <hr size=5 noshade color="red"> </FONT> --> <HR> <P> <A HREF=http://sites.google.com/site/nzdprksociety/><B>NZ-DPRK Society </B></A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> The official website of the NZ-DPRK Society, working to increase awareness, understanding and contact between the people ofNew Zealand and the DPRK </FONT> <LI><A HREF=" NK_about.htm "> <B>About this site</B> <LI><A HREF=Counterfeiting.htm> Counterfeiting </A><BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR=MAROON> Incomplete dossier on counterfeiting and BDA issues, only updated infrequently and incompletely</FONT> <P> <FONT SIZE=4> <A HREF="pyr_index.html"><B>Pyongyang Report</A></B> </FONT> <BR> <font size = 2 color = "green"> A periodic newsletter first published in 1999 but now regretfully discontinued because of other commitments </FONT> <P> <A HREF=" maps.htm "> <B>Maps of Korea</B> </A> <FONT SIZE=3><P><A HREF="http://www.archive.org/"> The Internet Archive</A> <BR> <Font size = 2> If a link is no longer active you may be able to access using the WayBack Machine, surfing pages stored in the Internet Archive's web archive. </FONT> <P> <HR> <BR> <A href=http://www.timbeal.net.nz/> RETURN to Tim Beal s homepage</A> </BODY> </HTML>