Crisis in Korea: America, China, and the Risk of War
Tim Beal


A book is a static analysis and description of an evolving situation. The main aim of this section is to publish articles and presentations written after Crisis in Korea was signed off to the publisher in February 2011. There are also a few articles dating from the period the book was being written. Time and energy is never sufficient to cover everything but I hope what appears here will be of interest to readers of the book. And if you have not read the book I think it would be useful for you to do so, because it goes into more detail than these updates.
The updates also allow me to revise my opinion if fresh evidence or data becomes available.
Tim Beal


2012 2011


The Yeonpyeong Incident of 23 November 2010 resulted in an essay with three variants. The first appeared as Pyongyang Report V12N1. This was then summarised as a Pluto blog and then a third, revised and expanded version appeared in the Asia Pacific Journal. There was also an interview with Russia Today TV in Moscow.