A project investigating the role of wine as a significant marker of societal, and market, change in societies which are not traditionally wine drinking.

A project conducted by
Tim Beal and Michel Rod

Funded by
Asia:NZ Foundation – Big Issues Grant 2007

Victoria University of Wellington
Faculty of Commerce and Administration
School of Marketing and International Business

Lead researchers
Formerly, School of Marketing and International Business, VUW
Sprott School of Business
Carleton University

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Expanding the project

In late December 2009 we conducted exploratory interviews in the Niagara wine region of Canada

During October 2010 Tim Beal was Visiting Fellow at the Center for Regional Economic Studies, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, Seoul working on a project entitled Korea's FTAs and their implications for the Korean wine market. While at KIEP he produced a Working Paper (which will be published soon) and gave lectures on the topic at two leading universities in Seoul
Korea's FTAs and their implications for the Korean wine market
Pre-publication version

Tim Beal, Val Lindsay, and Lay Peng Tan are exploring funding to study the wine market in China.

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